# Build Terra core

# Prerequisites

# Get the Terra core source code

Use git to retrieve Terra core (opens new window), and checkout the master branch, which contains the latest stable release.

If you are using LocalTerra or running a validator, use the v0.x.x-oracle branch. Otherwise, use the v0.x.x branch.

git clone https://github.com/terra-money/core
cd core
git checkout [latest version]


git clone https://github.com/terra-money/core
cd core
git checkout v0.5.6-oracle

# Build Terra core from source

Build Terra core, and install the terrad executable to your GOPATH environment variable.

make install

# Verify your Terra core installation

Verify that Terra core is installed correctly.

terrad version --long

The following example shows version information when Terra core is installed correctly:

name: terra
server_name: terrad
client_name: terrad
version: 0.3.0-24-g3684f77
commit: 3684f77faadf6cf200d18e15763316d5d9c5a496
build_tags: netgo,ledger
go: go version go1.13.4 darwin/amd64


If the terrad: command not found error message is returned, confirm that the Go binary path is correctly configured by running the following command:

export PATH=$PATH:$(go env GOPATH)/bin