# Start the light client daemon


The Terra SDKs currently rely on an active connection to a running LCD server. Please set it up if you need a dedicated connection for the SDKs.

The light client daemon (LCD) provides a REST-based adapter for the RPC endpoints, which also helps for decoding the Amino-encoded blockchain data into parseable JSON. This enables apps to communicate with a node through simple HTTP.

To start the LCD, you'll need to specify the following parameters

Parameter Default Required Description
chain-id "" yes chain id of the full node to connect
node tcp://localhost:26657 yes address of the full node to connect
laddr tcp://localhost:1317 yes address for the REST server to listen to requests
trust-node false yes whether this LCD is connected to a trusted full node
home $HOME/.terracli no directory for save checkpoints and validator sets

For example:

terracli rest-server --chain-id=test \
    --laddr=tcp://localhost:1317 \
    --node tcp://localhost:26657 \

For more information about the Terra REST API endpoints, see the swagger documentation (opens new window).