# Mint, burn, or swap

This guide is for advanced swap features in Terra Station. If this is your first time using Terra Station or if you want to swap coins, follow the Terra Station tutorial.

# Market swap

The market swap allows users to access the mint/burn function of the Terra protocol. Users can mint Luna from burned Terra or vice versa. The market swap is also used for swaps between different Terra stablecoin denominations.

  1. Open Terra Station and connect your wallet. Click Swap in the menu.

  2. Enter the coin you want to burn on the left and the coin you want to mint on the right.

  3. Above the coin selector on the right you will see options for Market and Terraswap. Click Market.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Enter your password and click Swap.

To switch back to using Terraswap prices, select Terraswap instead of Market. Swap prices will vary.