# Using Terrain

With Terrain installed you can now scaffold your new application:

terrain new my-terra-dapp
cd my-terra-dapp
npm install

# Project structure

The following structure shows your scaffolded project:

├── contracts              # The contracts' source code.
│   ├── counter
│   └── ...                # Add more contracts here.
├── frontend               # The front-end application.
├── lib                    # Predefined functions for task and console.
├── tasks                  # Predefined tasks.
├── keys.terrain.js        # Keys for signing transactions.
├── config.terrain.json    # Config for connections and contract deployments.
└── refs.terrain.json      # Deployed code and contract references.

# Deployment

To deploy the application, run the following command:

terrain deploy counter --signer validator

The deploy command performs the following steps automatically:

  • Builds the counter smart contract
  • Optimizes the counter smart contract
  • Uploads counter smart contract to LocalTerra
  • Instantiates the deployed smart contract

# Interacting with the deployed contract

The template comes with several predefined helpers in lib/index.js. Use them to start interacting with your smart contract:

  1. Run terrain console.

  2. With the console open, increment the counter by running the following:

await lib.increment()

You can get the current count by using:

await lib.getCount()
  1. After incrementing once, await lib.getCount() will return:
{ count: 1 }

# Front-end scaffolding

Terrain also scaffolds a very simple frontend.

In the Terra Station Chrome extension, switch the network to Localterra.

  1. To use the front end, run the following commands in order. The terrain sync-refs command copies your deployed contract addresses to the front-end part of the codebase.
terrain sync-refs
cd frontend
npm install
npm start
  1. Import the following seed phrase in Terra Station to access the sole validator on the LocalTerra network and gain funds to get started with smart contracts:
satisfy adjust timber high purchase tuition stool faith fine install that you unaware feed domain license impose boss human eager hat rent enjoy dawn
  1. With Localterra selected in Terra Station and the local seed phrase imported, you can now increment and reset the counter from the front end.

# Demo

# Advanced usage

For more advanced use cases like deploying to the testnet or mainnet, see Terrain's readme (opens new window).