# Smart Contracts on Terra

With the arrival of WASM Smart Contracts on Terra, anyone is now able to leverage the robust decentralized infrastructure provided by the Terra blockchain to power innovative new forms of value transfer and financial products.

# Why build on Terra?

# Robust consensus and fast block finality

Terra is powered by Tendermint BFT consensus, using a dPoS-like scheme driven by a set of 100 top validators. This efficient consensus model enables batches of transations to occur in only 6 seconds (only a fraction of the time it takes for Bitcoin and Ethereum).

# Ready for DeFi applications

With fundamental infrastructure such as price oracles, on-chain swaps, stablecoin assets in a variety of denominations, community governance and automated monetary and fiscal policy, the Terra blockchain acts as its own autonomous sovereign economy driven by its users, and provides all the necessary incentive mechanics and modular plumbing to power modern DeFi smart contracts.

# Growing, active user base with real-world usage

With over 1.5 million total users and a highly active user base from a variety of integrations (like Terra-powered payment gateways such as CHAI and MemePay), the Terra economy is a thriving new home for the future of innovative DeFi products. And unlike many other stablecoin protocols, Terra stablecoins are directly integrated in payments solutions where they are used everyday purchases such as groceries, movie tickets, taxis, and more.