Getting started

This section will guide the reader to install, deploy, and interact with the Terra Protocol and its toolkits.

Though customized for Terra Core, these docs largely mirror the setup documentation for the Cosmos SDK.

Table of contents

  • Installation: Instructions on how to install terrad, the server daemon for nodes, and terracli, the cli tool to interact with terrad.

  • How to Join the network: Columbus is the first official public network running the Terra Protocol. This section outlines step by step instructions on how to start operating a node on Columbus.

  • Running node in production: Guides on running a node in production.

  • How to deploy own Terra testnet: How to setup and deploy one's own testnet of the Terra Protocol, in a single-node local, multi-node local, and remote network context.

  • Claim genesis tokens: For sale participants, you can reclaim tokens by registering your 12 word mnemoic to Terraform Labs.

  • Create an account: Create an account to send, trade and receive tokens in the Terra network

  • Become a validator: How to join Columbus as a network validator. Read validator FAQ

  • Become a delegator: You can also participate in securing the network by delegating your Luna to a validator.

  • Introduction to terracli: Using the Terracli to interact with the Terra blockchain

  • Toolsets & clients: How to spin up a light client daemon, that stores partial state and responds to REST API queries.

  • Use the Ledger Nano: How to interact with the Terra blockchain using the Ledger Nano S (and soon, X).