# Installation

This is for setting up a full node, a resource-intensive process that requires a persistent server. If you're just trying to use Terra blockchain without downloading the entire blockchain, you're probably looking for Terra Station.

# Hardware Requirements

We recommend the following for running Terra Core:

  • 2 or more CPU cores
  • At least 300GB of disk storage
  • At least 2.5 - 5mbps network bandwidth

# Building Terra Core

# Step 1. Install Golang

Go v1.13.1 or higher is required for Terra Core.

If you haven't already, install Golang by following the official docs. Make sure that your GOPATH and GOBIN environment variables are properly set up.

# Step 2: Get Terra Core source code

Use git to retrieve Terra Core from the official repo, and checkout the master branch, which contains the latest stable release. That should install the terrad and terracli binaries.

git clone https://github.com/terra-project/core/
cd core
git checkout master

# Step 3: Build from source

You can now build Terra Core. Running the following command will install executables terrad (Terra node daemon) and terracli (CLI for interacting with the node) to your GOPATH.

make install

# Step 4: Verify your installation

Verify that everything is OK. If you get something like the following, you've successfully installed Terra Core on your system.

terrad version --long
terracli version --long
name: terra
server_name: terrad
client_name: terracli
version: 0.3.0-24-g3684f77
commit: 3684f77faadf6cf200d18e15763316d5d9c5a496
build_tags: netgo,ledger
go: go version go1.13.4 darwin/amd64