# Running a Local Testnet

After you've gotten the latest version of Terra Core installed, you can set up a private Terra network to get your bearings in running a Terra full node before joining an existing network.

# Single Node Setup

The simplest Terra network you can set up will be a local testnet with just a single node. You will create one account and be the sole validator signing blocks for the network.

# Step 1. Create network and account

First, initialize your genesis file that will bootstrap the network. Set a name for your local testnet, and provide a moniker to refer to your node.

terrad init --chain-id=<testnet_name> <node_moniker>

You will need a Terra account to start. You can generate one with:

terracli keys add <account_name>

# Step 2. Add account to genesis

Next, you need to add your account to the genesis. The following commands add your account and set the initial balance:

terrad add-genesis-account $(terracli keys show <account_name> -a) 100000000uluna,1000usd
terrad gentx --name my_account --amount 10000000uluna
terrad collect-gentxs

# Step 3. Run Terra daemon

Now, you can start your private Terra network:

terrad start

Your terrad node should now be running a node on tcp://localhost:26656, listening for incoming transactions and signing blocks. You've successfully set up your local Terra network!