# Account

# Query

# Account Information

After receiving tokens to your address, you can view your account's balance, account number, and sequence number (nonce) by typing:

terracli query account <terra-account>

Where <terra-account> is your Account Address.


When you query an account balance with zero tokens, you will get this error:

No account with address <terra-account> was found in the state.

This can also happen if you fund the account before your node has fully synced with the chain. Both cases are to be expected.

# Transaction

# Send Tokens

The following command is used to send coins from one account to another:

terracli tx send \
    <from_key_or_address> \
    <to_address> \
    <coins> \
    --chain-id=<chain_id> \

where to_address is an account address.

The <coins> parameter is a comma-separated list of coins specified as <value><coin_denom>. For instance, 1000usdr or 1000uluna,1000usdr.

The <from_key_or_address> parameter accepts either the key name or the address as possible values, but will only accept addresses when the --generate-only flag is used.