# Treasury

# Query

# Tax Rate

Terra transactions charge a % fee on each outbound transaction from the sender's wallet. To get the effective stability fee rate, run:

terracli query treasury tax-rate

# Tax Cap

Stability fees are capped at some fixed amount of SDT to avoid penalizing large transactions. To get the current tax cap denominated in a given denomination (micro-units), run:

terracli query treasury tax-cap <denom>

# Tax Proceeds

To query the cumulative tax proceeds, run:

terracli query treasury tax-proceeds

# Reward Weight

The Reward Weight is the portion of seigniorage that is designated as ballot rewards for the winners of exchange rate oracle. To query the Reward Weight, run:

terracli query treasury reward-weight

# Seigniorage Proceeds

The treasury measures the amount of Terra seigniorage accumulated over epochs, denominated in units of uluna. To query the seigniorage proceeds, run:

terracli query treasury seigniorage-proceeds

# Parameters

Parameters define high-level settings for the Treasury, described here. You can get the current values by using:

terracli query treasury params

With the above command you will get the values for:

  • Tax Rate update policy
  • Reward Weight update policy
  • Seigniorage Burden Target
  • Mining Increment
  • WindowShort (update parameter)
  • WindowLong (update parameter)
  • WindowProbation (update parameter)