# TX Search

# Matching a set of tags

You can use the transaction search command to query for transactions that match a specific set of tags, which are added on every transaction.

Each tag is conformed by a key-value pair in the form of <tag>:<value>. Tags can also be combined to query for a more specific result using the & symbol.

The command for querying transactions using a tag is the following:

terracli query txs --tags='<tag>:<value>'

And for using multiple tags:

terracli query txs --tags='<tag1>:<value1>&<tag2>:<value2>'

The pagination is supported as well via page and limit:

terracli query txs --tags='<tag>:<value>' --page=1 --limit=20


The action tag always equals the message type returned by the Type() function of the relevant message. You can find a list of available tags on each module by looking at the /tags directory of each module.

# Matching a transaction's hash

You can also query a single transaction by its hash using the following command:

terracli query tx [hash]