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Terra's params module inherits from the Cosmos SDK's params module. This document is a stub and mainly covers important Terra-specific notes on how it is used.

The params module provides a base parameter store for all other Terra modules. Structures made with the params module are globally available and use subspaces to register specific params to particular modules. The params module defines two types of access: Keeper and Subspace.

Params Types


Keeper has a permission to access all existing subspaces which are mentioned later on in this document. For example, if a proposal passes through the governance the Keeper can be routed to modified params automatically and according to the proposal.


Subspace is an unique namespace for a paramstore, where keys are configured with a certain prefix. Subspace are used by individual keepers, which require an unmodifiable private parameter store.


The genesis parameters for the mint module outlined in the Genesis Builder Script are as follows: