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Feather.js extends the functionality of Terra.js with interchain capabilities. Feather.js can be used to interact with various Cosmos blockchains within JavaScript runtimes, such as Node.js and browsers.

Feather.js enables the following functionalities:

  • Deserialization of blockchain data into JavaScript objects with native data types and methods.
  • Serialization of objects back into a blockchain-compatible format.
  • Access to the Terrad node API (LCD) and other compatible Feather chains from a JavaScript-based interface.
  • Additional utilities, such as hash functions and key-signing algorithms.
💡Migrating from Terra.js to Feather.js

Use the following information to migrate from Terra.js to Feather.js.

  • New configuration syntax for LCDClient to support multiple chains.
  • With Feather.js, you will need to specify the chainID when creating or broadcasting a transaction.
  • Queries that require an address can automatically detect the chain based on an address' bech32 prefix. Otherwise, the query requires an extra chainID parameter.
  • accAddress on Key objects now are now functions that require the prefix as a parameter.

Ledger users will be able to use their existing account in the Terra Ledger app on all new chains.